Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Malaysia Extension Map - Fantasy Theme Park Review

11 days more and it's the closing date for MapleSEA blogging contest.
I hope I'm not too late to blog on this Malaysia Extension map release under version 0.63.
(wink wink *_*)

I actually visited this map on 11th October, but due to my tight work schedule and undying Maple spirit (gaming online), I’m unable to actually sit down and write a blog on this.

But since time is near and luck is the only hope, I’m going to spend some time sitting down writing a blog on how I feel on Malaysia Theme Park. As what other bloggers say, I agree that the monsters introduced in the map can be consider high level and not so suitable for lower level characters. It would be better if there’s some map created in this extension map be suitable for lower level characters. ^_^ (well, merry go round is kids and adults favourite, right?)

How to get to these Malaysia Theme Park? It’s easy, from Kerning City Victoria Island, go to Singapore. Then go >>> until you reach Singapore: Boay Quay Town. After that go to Malaysia Map and go to Hibiscus Road 3. There’s a new portal to enter the Theme Park.
Learn more on Malaysia Map in my previous blog here: http://mymaplesea.blogspot.com/2008/09/malaysia-map-release-in-v061.html

The concept used in Maple Malaysia: Theme Park map is quite the same as like getting to Genting Highland’s Theme Park in Malaysia. To get to Genting, first you need to drive all the way to the cable car station and then once you are there, you just need to pay to get a ticket to enter the theme park.

The first map for you to hunt on is called Cable Car Station I. This map has 2 monsters; 1 is a lion called “Scaredy Scarlion” and another 1 is a rat called “Ratatula”. Both are level 59.

Next, I’m going into the portal at the right corner into Cable Car Station 2 map.
In this map, they have the stronger monster “Ratatula” and “Scaredy Scarlion” big brother – “Jester Scarlion” (level 68) and “Froscola” (level 72). So, better be careful for lower levels.

I walked down from Cable Car Station 2 map and into the Entrance to Theme Park map.

Then, I proceed quickly to go to the Theme Park by teleporting (to avoid being hit by monster).

In Fantasy Theme Park 1, you will see the entrance to Dinorama Nightmares. Wow... It's like going back to those good old days where you got scared by entering the dinosaur house.

What I like most among all the map design is on Fantasy Theme Park 2 where they have this Merry Go Round ride. This is one of the best I like so far. But as for the monsters, I don't really able to train here yet.

The last map is Fantasy Theme Park 3. It has a haunted house (matching the spooky halloween party not long ago). I tried to buy the entrance ticket, but nobody was there to serve me. So I have to walk all the way back to a safer spot.

On the way back, due to carelessness, I died. Hit by those monsters riding on the horse. Hai... Gotta be back here again to kill them. ^_^

A visit to Fantasy Theme Park bring me back to my childhood times and is definitely worth a visit.
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NoBodyCanStopMe said...

zzz..why can easily die..

Sherlyn Chew said...

Coz forgot to on mg and couldn't heal my self on time. Keep taking SS. ^_^

MapleFail said...

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you will be able to post your fail maplestory videos and ill put it on youtube.com and give credits to the owner of the video!

NoxsterZ said...

Cool thanks for the help on getting to the Fantasy Theme Park ;)

Cheatchat said...

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